XXX-Large Glass Butt Plug

XXX large glass butt plugThe XXX-Large Glass butt plug brings traditional butt plugs right at your door steps, but without the traditional boring designs. This design is unique and appealing and will get you sexually attracted immediately. Don’t you just love that penis head shape? The product is made from shatter resistant borosilicate black or clear glass and features non-porous design, with 100% hygiene rating and 100% phthalate free.

While it’s important to be safe in the bedroom and have a product that isn’t going to damage your internal organs, it’s also important to have one which is going to leave you orgasmic.  The XXX-Large Glass butt plug is big enough for immense pleasure to be experienced, but it isn’t “too large”. It will fit in just about everywhere and is suitable for males and females.

XXX large glass butt plug blackUnlike other traditional large butt plugs, you can use this one cold or warm. To enjoy a warm sensation, simply hold it under a warm tap for several seconds. With a smooth rounded helmet tip, you’ll notice that insertion is extremely easy and enjoyable. Whether you’re looking to go in towards the rear, or traditionally through the front, this large glass butt plug is perfect for your bedroom antics.

Additionally, you can purchase this butt plug in many different sizes, starting at 4 inches and all up to 7 inches in length, and 5 inches to 8.64 inches in circumference. Maybe is not the largest one you will see here, but is still decent.

All in all, this product brings together the traditional design and feel of glass, but in a unique and appealing manner. You won’t be left feeling unpleasured, that’s for sure. You can find all variations of XXX-Large glass butt plug over at Amazon.

Classic Huge Butt Plugs

While you can find huge butt plugs in many different type of shapes, I still like the classic shape the most. Because many companies are making this kind of huge butt plug, you can find them made out of many different materials. And of course in many different color shades.

Here I made a list of 3 classic huge butt plugs that you might like. As always, make sure you can take one of this huge beauties and make sure you use lube, a lot of lube.

Doc Johnson’s The Challenge Huge Butt Plug

This is one huge butt plug. There is a reason why they name it “The challenge”. It’s the biggest one in Doc Johnson’s challenge line. This plug have 10″ in length (8″ of insertable length) and 14 1/2″ of girth around the widest part. This is definitely not for the weak of heart butt. Like most of Doc’s butt plugs, this one is made out of anti-bacterial, non-phthalate sil-a-gel material. You can find out more about them right here.

TitanMen Ass Master Butt Plug

This is another impressive Huge Butt Plug. Look at him, it’s so big and shiny. Is not as big as Doc Johnson’s “the challenge”, but close enough. His overall length is 9,5″ (6,5″ of insertable length) and 14,1″ of the circumference at widest point. It’s latex-free, cadmium-free, and made out of antibacterial Silagel. It’s easy to clean with mild soap and warm water. I would highly suggest you use only water based lubes with this one. More about this plug you can find over here.

California Exotics XL Humongous Butt Plug

Xl Humongous butt plug is not as big are the two before, but is still pretty impressive. XL Humongous measures 8″ in length and 14,1″ of the circumference at widest point. Which is more or less the same st the two butt plugs before. This huge butt plug is made of high quality, anti-bacterial Poly-Melt (PVC). It’s available in black or skin color. If you would love to have one, you can get it here.

Anal Dilator Kit

If you are not total noob, then you know that huge butt plug is not something that you start with. At first you start with small one and when you are ready to try something bigger and so on. If you want a proper anal training, then you want to try with something like this anal dilator kit.

This anal dilator kit have all you need for for anal training. This kit contains 5 different size dilator  butt plugs. You can start with the small one, that is 3,5″ in length, have 3,25″ circumference of the head and 2,75″ circumference of the shaft and work your way all to the big one, that have 5″ in length, 6,25″ circumference of the head and 5,75″ circumference of the shaft. That is more then enough to prepare you for something bigger.

The biggest one will give you nice gaping feeling, but you might want to try something even bigger. Some of the buyers said that would be nice if there would be one or two even bigger anal dilators in the kit. So this kit is for little less experienced users.

This anal dilators are made out of very hard plastic. Which is not all that bad, but is not very comfortable for long time wearing. Some will like it, so wont. Another cool think is that they all have small hole on the tip to prevent pressure build up.

If you decide it to get it, make sure you use a lot of lube. I like to use water based lubes.  The price for this kit is everything from 43$-60$, depending where you wan to buy it. I found the cheapest price over here.




Three Bumps for Your Rump

Three Bumps for Your Rump Butt PlugThree Bumps for Your Rump is one of the most delightful innovations in anal play ever. A typical butt plug has one bump shaped like a cock head that stretches your anal ring as it pushes into your rectum. The stretching and manipulating of the ring is the most pleasurable part of the experience, as any anal player knows, and Three Bumps for Your Rump plays on that. The device, which comes in three sizes, is basically three big cock heads stacked on top of each other so while you play you get three times the pleasure for one low price.

The smallest size is eight inches long, so no matter what this is a huge butt plug. The medium size is 10 inches long and the biggest is 11 inches long. If you really want a giant butt plug and all kinds of anal pleasure you should go with that one. The Three Bumps for Your Rump is made from PVC and it’s easy to clean. There’s a suction cup base so you can attach it to almost any smooth surface and pleasure your anus with no hands. The biggest one is quite wide so make sure you can use something big before you order it.

Price range for this beautiful huge butt plug starts at just under 14$ for small and up to 26$ for large model. This are prices I found on amazon and are far most affordable I found. Three Bumps for Your Rump are also available at, starting at 25.95$.

Huge Butt Plug

Huge butt plugHuge butt plug is not for first timers. If you don’t have much experience with anal sex and you’re looking to experiment you should really go with something smaller because you simply won’t be able to take a huge butt plug. It will hurt, and more importantly, there’s a very good chance it will cause injury if you haven’t properly stretched your anus before using it. If you’re still a novice at anal play you need to try something smaller. Once you’re ready to graduate then a world of excitement awaits when you move to using a huge butt plug.

Keg huge butt plugHuge can mean a lot of things, but you really want it to look surprisingly large when you first glimpse it. It has to be eye popping and there are plenty of choices available to you if it’s a huge butt plug you’re seeking. Most are made of a slightly pliable plastic material so there’s a little give when you’re trying to fit the enormous part of the butt plug into your rectum. It’s firm though, which is why you need to be experienced with anal play and ready to really stretch yourself beyond where you’ve ever gone before. It’s going to be a challenge but it’s so rewarding once you take the plunge.

Make sure you use lots of lubrication when attempting to insert a giant butt plug. Take your time as well. There’s no need to rush. Work it slowly past your anal ring and take lots of breaks if you need to. When you finally have the huge butt plug inserted just be still. Let everything down there expand and take in the pleasure of successful anal training. You’ve reached a new place and a huge butt plug can now rest inside you whenever you want.