Huge Butt Plug

Huge butt plugHuge butt plug is not for first timers. If you don’t have much experience with anal sex and you’re looking to experiment you should really go with something smaller because you simply won’t be able to take a huge butt plug. It will hurt, and more importantly, there’s a very good chance it will cause injury if you haven’t properly stretched your anus before using it. If you’re still a novice at anal play you need to try something smaller. Once you’re ready to graduate then a world of excitement awaits when you move to using a huge butt plug.

Keg huge butt plugHuge can mean a lot of things, but you really want it to look surprisingly large when you first glimpse it. It has to be eye popping and there are plenty of choices available to you if it’s a huge butt plug you’re seeking. Most are made of a slightly pliable plastic material so there’s a little give when you’re trying to fit the enormous part of the butt plug into your rectum. It’s firm though, which is why you need to be experienced with anal play and ready to really stretch yourself beyond where you’ve ever gone before. It’s going to be a challenge but it’s so rewarding once you take the plunge.

Make sure you use lots of lubrication when attempting to insert a giant butt plug. Take your time as well. There’s no need to rush. Work it slowly past your anal ring and take lots of breaks if you need to. When you finally have the huge butt plug inserted just be still. Let everything down there expand and take in the pleasure of successful anal training. You’ve reached a new place and a huge butt plug can now rest inside you whenever you want.

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