Three Bumps for Your Rump

Three Bumps for Your Rump Butt PlugThree Bumps for Your Rump is one of the most delightful innovations in anal play ever. A typical butt plug has one bump shaped like a cock head that stretches your anal ring as it pushes into your rectum. The stretching and manipulating of the ring is the most pleasurable part of the experience, as any anal player knows, and Three Bumps for Your Rump plays on that. The device, which comes in three sizes, is basically three big cock heads stacked on top of each other so while you play you get three times the pleasure for one low price.

The smallest size is eight inches long, so no matter what this is a huge butt plug. The medium size is 10 inches long and the biggest is 11 inches long. If you really want a giant butt plug and all kinds of anal pleasure you should go with that one. The Three Bumps for Your Rump is made from PVC and it’s easy to clean. There’s a suction cup base so you can attach it to almost any smooth surface and pleasure your anus with no hands. The biggest one is quite wide so make sure you can use something big before you order it.

Price range for this beautiful huge butt plug starts at just under 14$ for small and up to 26$ for large model. This are prices I found on amazon and are far most affordable I found. Three Bumps for Your Rump are also available at, starting at 25.95$.

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